Are you a foreign-trained nurse or accountant in Ontario?

The Ready, Set, Start Program can support you, free-of-charge, in obtaining Canadian licensure and employment in your field!

The Ready, Set, Start Program (RSSP) is a PCPI project funded by the Federal Government through the Foreign Credentials Recognition Program (FCR).

RSSP can help you in your journey towards Licensure/Certification and preparing for Canadian employment. We are there from start to finish, making sure you are happily licensed and employed.

There are 2 streams of the program:
1. Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs)
2. Registered Nurse (RNs) / Registered Practical Nurse (RPNs)

Program Components (for both streams):
13-weeks online training
• Support with credentials assessment
• Support with application submission to regulatory bodies
• Labour market information
• Language training
• Speed mentoring
• Job search support
• Post-program support

Additional Benefit (both streams):
• Eligible candidates may access low interest loans through our community partners to support you with tuition costs

Email or call 416-439-8448 today if you are interested in receiving free support through RSSP!

“It was amazing to be a part of this workshop. RSSP helped me a lot to improve my English and resume. They helped me work on my personal character and skills. I feel grateful to have had this course. They helped me from the start to the end to get employment. They followed up every time with my NNAS license application procedure and they were there every step of the way.”

Hiba A.

“RSSP was very helpful and now we know a lot about the Canadian healthcare system in Canada, which is important. It was a very good training course. We now know so much more about healthcare.”

 – Emtethal S. S. A.

News release

Government of Canada helps internationally trained nurses get their foreign credentials recognized and find quality jobs 

May 12, 2021 Gatineau, Quebec   Employment and Social Development Canada