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PCPI (Progress Career Planning Institute) is a not-for-profit, business focused organization

PCPI offers career development and training services for individuals who strive for success. Thriving on multiculturalism, we tap into the unique skillset and background that every professional brings to the table.

A business-focussed organization, PCPI fosters strong connections with Canadian employers and local community partners. We believe this helps us find creative HR solutions to the demands of the Canadian labour market.

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I am so grateful to PCPI for their continuous support in finding me employment in my field. Since I was busy with my studies, exams etc., I had no time to look for work, although it was essential to find employment. I worked with Scott Wilkinson and Linda Fernandes who tirelessly extended me their support to get me the job I wanted.
They helped tailor my cover letter to catch the eye of employers by highlighting my skills and educating me as to what the employers are really looking for in candidates, when it comes to hiring, and was very useful to prepare myself to be a confident and competitive candidate.
They went the extra mile to ensure I got a decent salary when the employer offer was not up to my expectation. The wage incentive program in supporting the employer with funding in the hiring process was a wonderful resource available in their program.
I am so glad I reached out to PCPI for my employment needs.

Samanthi Rambukwelle

I'm very grateful I met Matthew and Didi as they have been my guiding light, my coach and my strength to meet my goal in finding a job. When I met Matthew, I only have a couple of days before my first phone interview and he went out of his way to include me in his tight schedule to coach me on it.

Michelle Siaotong

The attention to detail and ability to communicate the needed information well, helped with ensuring our T’s were crossed and all i’s dotted. This, in my opinion, facilitated a fast approval making me one step closer to finding gainful employment in a field that will provide for my family and I.

Kesha Adams

I could not have been helped or encouraged anymore than I was.Excellent service and case worker.Scott was outstanding as a coach and mentor.Grateful beyond words.


Didi has been a tremendous help in getting background and resourcing done. Though it didn't directly result in me getting a job, I think frankly it would've been a matter of time before I'd gotten one with her help.

Karim Kassam

At the Conference Board Immigration Summit Conference in Ottawa this week I met a former client of yours , Dipti Patel, and she could not stop talking about the great work you did in helping her navigate her career path here in Canada.

Michael Marville